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May 31st, 2016

02:07 pm
Yet more reasons to hate Microsoft.
This time it is batch files and the task scheduler.
I created a batch file to copy the latest file from a SQL backup area on the network to a local hard drive. It takes a long time and ties up the network so I create a scheduled task in the task scheduler.
It was supposed to have run last night at 3:30am. It didn't, but the history on the task tells me I created the task and that it ran and completed.
I run the task manually from a command prompt and all is good.
I run the task from the scheduler and it fails (but says that it completed).
I look on the internet for a reason, I find that the task will fail if there are quotes in the additional parameters because, well I have no fucking idea.
That isn't the issue.
I set up the permissions for it to run at a higher level and it still fails (but runs manually and the task history says it ran).
The help on the internet from Microsoft tells me that the issue is fixed in windows and there isn't an issue at all.
Silly me I must be doing something wrong as I can't get it to run. You know I must have not clicked on the correct run menu item. As that is all I was doing and it was failing to run (even if the history was telling me that it had run and completed).
So I read between the lines. The issue was that I was running it as a complete path when I should have been running it as just the file name and set the OPTIONAL start in path to the path.
The command file is in my home directory. The OPTIONAL start position is compulsory.
It now runs when I run it from the run menu. I'll see if it actually runs at 3:30am tonight.

To Be Continued...
Current Mood: annoyedannoyed

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July 28th, 2014

04:22 pm - Yet another reason to hate microsoft

I've got an Excel spreadsheet, 5 columns 2,500 rows.
I have imported it into an Access database (yes, Ian, that was my first mistake!).
I go to save the database, Access warns me that there is content in this database that can be dangerous and did I want to enable that content?
What content? I have no idea. I haven't even defined a query let alone any bad macros. I just imported data, five text columns. Any 'dangerous' content can only have been created by the import function or come as default in an Access database; IE it came from Microsoft! Do I enable it? Well yes, I have to in order to save the database.
So, in summary;

  • it is Microsoft's dangerous content

  • Microsoft hasn't told me what it is so I can make an informed decision

  • I don't actually have a choice

So it is saved and I am shutting down Access. To add insult to injury, the act of closing Access down has confused it and it has hung.

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August 25th, 2013

11:53 am - Experiment 1 fully reported on by a scientist
A cube of crystaline sucrose was held on a slatted retort above a 150ml beaker. Absinthe (30ml) was added to the sucrose dropwise via a glass pipette, allowing the excess liquid to collect in the beaker.
Following delivery of the full volume of absinthe the sucrose cube was ignited resulting in partial caramelisation of the surface of the cube. The flame was allowed to self extinguish.
Iced water (30ml) was poured over the cube and into the beaker. The remaining undissolved sucrose was then added to the aqueous absinthe and stirred until a saturated solution was obtained.

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August 6th, 2013

03:09 pm - Enough already
I feel that there needs to be a person at every voting booth who asks voters what the difference is between the two major parties.
If someone replies 'Nothing' or something similar then they should not be allowed to vote.

I keep hearing this, people are saying 'What's the point of voting, they are all the same?'

Let us look at four basic policy areas; the NBN, marriage equality, the economy and climate change.
Now despite your views on any of these things, you will have to admit that the two major parties have majorly different policies regarding these.

Let’s look at them.

Labor is going for fibre to the premises (FttP) whereas the LNP are doing fibre to the node (FttN).
The LNP claim that FttP will cost over $90Billion, FttN will cost only $20Billion. We get a slow ADSL2+ because we are far from the node (5+ kilometres) that will change under FttP not FttN. The FttP NBN will allow someone in WA to take a high school class in something that their local school doesn't offer, even if the only place to take that class is from a school in Sydney. If you had the equipment to save someone's life, would it be great to get advice on what to do with it in real time? FttP will save lives.
So let’s look at the two figures; $90Billion for faster internet access or $24Billion for no change. Would you rather pay $24,000 for a new car and get nothing or $90,000 for a new car and actually get a new car?
That is before we get into the actual costings where the LNP FttN is likely to be higher than $24Billion, FttP is not going to be anywhere near $90Billion, more like $40Billion. And the real push to stop the FttP NBN is Rupert Murdoch, who sent on of his generals to try to kill it as it will affect his business (read affect his influence over our government). I don’t think having the Prime Minister of Australia say, on the world stage, that modern a communication network is a waste of money. It would be embarrassing if nothing else!

Marriage Equality
The LNP has said that you shouldn't change the Marriage Act. I’m not sure about you but I vote my politicians in to change acts and make them reflect what our society wants and desires. Also, the last party to change the Marriage Act was John W Howard who changed it to read one Man and one Woman rather than couple. Why should sections of our community be denied basic rights just because other members of don’t like it? It isn't as if they are asking for the right to interfere with anyone else’s life so why should others feel the need to interfere with theirs? I don’t think having the Prime Minister of Australia say, on the world stage, that marriage equality is a bad thing when the rest of the western world has made same sex marriage legal and nothing bad happened. It would be embarrassing if nothing else!

The Economy
Under Kevin Rudd, several years ago, the Australian Economy came under fire from the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). The fallout from that could have really screwed our economy, but didn't because Kevin Rudd listened to the advice he got from treasury and gave use all $900 to spend. The stimulus spending has kept our economy strong, our interest rates low and our credit rating at AAA from all three major money markets. Kevin Rudd did not and will not listen to the idea about austerity being the way out. Julia Gillard did the same thing. Why is this you ask? Because only two economists in the world believe it. The ones who wrote the spread sheet to prove it and ignored Canada, New Zealand and Australia because they didn't fit the model. Even ignoring those three the spread sheet didn't fit the model they were trying to promote. If you put 10 economists in a room you get 23 different opinions, except for two things; The Australian Economic model is one to strive to and the Stimulus spending by Rudd was the right amount at the right time in the right way.
Tony Abbott thinks austerity is the way to go. Austerity has crippled a number of countries around the world (particularly Greece and Spain) and yet Tony wants this for us. He informs us that treasury figures cannot be trusted, when they demonstrably can be. He won’t help out our car industry that supports 250,000 Australians directly and indirectly. All this because he thinks that the economy is broken and that the GFC didn't really happen. I don’t think having the Prime Minister of Australia say, on the world stage, that the GFC wasn't such a big deal when tens of thousands of people in the US lost their homes and a couple of countries in Europe nearly lost their country. It would be embarrassing if nothing else!

Climate Change
The Emissions Trading Scheme and Carbon Tax have reduced our carbon foot print, this is a good thing. Tony will repeal the Carbon Tax as it has made everything so expensive and is hurting business. Yep, once again treasury’s figures are not to be trusted. They said the cost of living would go up by about $9 a week under the Carbon Tax, in reality it was less than $8 so lower income earners were better off by $1 a week under the Carbon Tax. Tony thinks that is too much and that Climate Change is Crap anyway.I don’t think having the Prime Minister of Australia say, on the world stage, that climate change isn't happening when the evidence is already avaialble. It would be embarrassing if nothing else!

Keep these in mind when you are thinking about voting and please think about voting and don’t go in and vote informal because the two major parties are exactly the same.

A fifth topic could be Asylum Seekers which, for me, is were Kevin has let us down a bit, but even there we have two different opinions, Labor want’s them taken to Mannis Island and have them not be resettled in Australia in the vain hope that will stop the people smugglers and to placate the right wing. Tony keeps referring to them as Illegal Immigrants despite the LNP telling him to stop. The LNP has said they’ll keep the PNG option if it works. Refusing to take our internationally agreed responsibility regarding asylum seekers is embarrassing already.

Look at the two leaders and we see one is quick witted, has told the Chinese that we are not happy with their human rights record in Mandarin, one who listens to the experts and is willing to go out on a limb to do the right thing. The other loses his shit when asked to clarify one of his statements that, he claimed, was taken out of context. Imagine at the next G20/G8 summit our Prime Minister gets up and says that climate change, a bad economy, outdated communications, refusal to acknowledge same sex marriage as a good thing and turning away asylum seekers. Now that would be truly embarrassing.

Let's not be embarrassed after the next election.

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July 8th, 2013

04:42 pm - Reasons to hate Microsoft part 4
Picture this:
I have a nice 32GB thumb drive. I plug it into my windows box at work and it registers. I look at the properties and there is 28GB left.

I copy a 600MB file to it and all is good.

I copy a 5GB file to it and windows tells me there is not enough room.
I copy the 5GB file via the command line and it runs out of room after transferring 4GB, there is 24GB left. Apparently Microsoft thinks 24<1!

I cannot convince it otherwise.

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June 23rd, 2013

02:36 pm - So what, big deal
So I've bought a mac.

Why did I do this, well the windows machine was dying (it is 8 year old) and Bean and I have started producing photo books rather than photo albums. This usually has meant going up to I&K's and assembling the book there using Aperture. I've looked around for Aperture type software for other OS's and found several but Aperture goes from design to printing of the book very easily.

Still not happy with their marketing and the 'Genius' at the apple store wasn't, but Appl wins over Windows in two important ways:
1) Ease of use
2) As it is based on FreeBSD it has a command line interface (IE Terminal)

This makes it a lot easier to use and a lot more stable.

The practical upshot is if someone asks do I use Windows, Mac or Linux at home I simply say yes.
Current Mood: calmcalm

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May 1st, 2013

03:34 pm - What is wrong with this picture:
On my linux box at work I see

satmje@satmje-linux ~/testing $./hello_world
Hello World!
satmje@satmje-linux ~/testing $cat hello_world.cob
       DISPLAY "Hello World!".
       STOP RUN.
satmje@satmje-linux ~/testing $ls
hello_world  hello_world.cob

and it ages me.

Current Mood: amusedamused

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April 11th, 2013

10:03 pm - Friends
Is what it is all about.

I have lovely friends.
Current Mood: contentcontent

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April 2nd, 2013

09:26 am - A public post about me
I'm making this public as people need to understand why I do some of the things I do. I can upset people sometimes. I know mental illness is a touchy subject, but I've confused and concerned people enough, I think you have the right to know. I've been debating doing this for a while, recent events means this is probably the right time.

When I was a young boy in England, about three or four, I remember being aware that my older brother was hated by my mother because he wasn't a girl.
I went to remedy that about myself, my mother wanted a girl so I was going to be that for her. She had already got me to a point where self mutilation was something I thought would be a good thing.

When I was seven, in Australia, my father was nearly killed when a car hit his motorbike. He was in hospital for nearly six months. During that time I became the man of the house. My brother was this older, useless non-female child. I do mean man of the house, in all respects. The practical upshot of that is that I can change a plug or fuse or washer.

When I was ten I was riding my bike down a hill when I hit a wire that was strung between two trees. It gave me concussion and broke my right cheek bone, which still aches when it is going to rain. It most likely also cause brain damage in my temporal lobe.

Fast forward to my thirties, and a psychiatrist sent me to a neurologist, who put me on an EEG and gave me one of the first MRIs in Adelaide. The EEG showed up an epileptic knot in my temporal lobe, the MRI showed nothing unusual. This would explain the weird emotional responses I was having to certain triggers. I was sent to an epileptic specialist who told me it wasn't Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, but he could understand why someone might think it was. It was just a weird blip on the EEG readout that probably emanates from the temporal lobe.

Several nasty incidents (one which left me with an L shaped scar on my left wrist, "L for loser" as someone pointed out) and one good psychiatrist later and I am finally on drugs to control it (Lexipro daily, Seroquel daily and Lorazepam as needed). However these aren't all that is needed, I have memories and triggers that I still need to fight. This takes a lot of will power and mental stamina, but I can do it. It is a 24 hour a day fight with the voices that tell me I shouldn't be here. And, no, conscience doesn't make cowards of us all; every morning I wake up and tell myself that today will be a good day and I will be here at the end and why.

Last Monday I was given a job. I don't like letting tasks get the better of me, I work until they are done, however this job took three days. I ran out of Lexipro on the Sunday. I had the script in my bag ready to fill but I didn't fill it. I was too caught up in the work. Come Wednesday I was a wreck, I still hadn't filled the script, I hadn't taken it for three days and I was mentally exhausted because of the amount and kind of work I was doing. The voices were louder and I was unable to control them. Suicide was on the table again.

I know I need to take breaks from the work. I have discussed this with counsellors and have been advised that I should always find time in the day for myself. By that I mean simply away from work. Whether it be by taking a walk or by simply talking with someone not about work. I could put a reminder in my Outlook at work, but I know I'll just dismiss it. I will need to become more disciplined about taking breaks.

I am basically bi-polar and the drugs mitigate the symptoms but do not eliminate them and I have various mental exercises to keep the noise down. This combination of drugs and mental tricks keeps me sane, keeps me here. When they fail, they can fail spectacularly.

Bi-polar people, as a rule, like it when they are manic, it gives them energy and, according to most, more than makes up for the depression. For me that isn't the case, I run rough shot over peoples feelings and cannot stop the vitriol or rant I am on. I rarely believe what I am saying and rarely mean what I do.

If I could turn this off, if I could lie back and relax my mind and not have to convert voices or argue in my head all the time, then I would, immediately. I can't do that so I have to live with it all. So, unfortunately, do you.
Current Mood: anxiousanxious

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March 29th, 2013

09:55 pm - Monk
Monk - Really.
Current Mood: Used

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